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Hello my lovelies. I want to thank everyone for tuning into Zia Seoul Radio. Thank you for following the station on Twitter as well. I love seeing all the likes and retweets; they let me know that I’m doing things right for you.

While I know a lot of my listeners are K-pop fans already, one of the goals I have for the station is to share this music with people who are curious. We are seeing several South Korean artists getting TV time and radio play on terrestrial stations. My hope is that curious people will find the station and become fans of the music just like I did nearly eight years ago.

This is where I need your help. The station stays on the air with the help of our listeners. While some of you might hear limited ads from time to time, the station is a listener-supported endeavor. And there are several ways you can support the station.

  • If you want to help us pay the bills (buying music, licensing, etc.), please donate via Ko-fi or Patreon. You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly sponsor.
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  • LISTEN TO THE STATION. I cannot stress how important this is. The station needs to average 130 listener hours a month in order to remain on the air. I am not asking you to listen 24/7, I want you to listen to the station when you get the urge to listen to it.
  • If you know other K-pop fans, bump into people who are curious about K-pop, etc., please let them know about us. Send them to the website.
  • Follow us on Twitter. I know a lot of listeners already do, but if you haven’t, please considering doing so. You can get to our Twitter feed using the link on the purple bar above.
  • If you already follow us on Twitter, like and retweet our messages. You can also screencap the player and let people know what you are listening to via tweet and don’t forget to mention @ZiaSeoul so we can like and retweet it too.
  • You can purchase some of the music we play here by using our iTunes affiliate links on the home page or on some of our blog posts.

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